10 December 2009

today's dinner

fried mushrooms and tofu with soy sauce and black pepper

100-150g of mushrooms
50g of tofu
olive oil
soy sauce (shoyu)

- cut each mashroom in 4 parts, the tofu in small cubes.
- heat some oil in a frying pan and add tofu and mushrooms. Let it fry at medium-high heat until the mushrooms and tofu gets brown.
- add a little of soy sauce and turn off the heat.
- add some black pepper on top.

scaled cabbage and broccoli

quantities: fill up a bowl half with cabbage half with broccoli
chili powder

- cut the cabbage in stripes and the broccoli in small "brances"
- scald them.
- add a little of chili powder and some chopped fresh parsley on top