2 March 2010

Yesterday's Lunch


50ml oat, 50ml brown rice, 50ml adzuki
(I use ml intead of grams because I can calculate the volume and then add the right amount of water: 2 times the volume of grains)
Soak the adzuki for at least 8 hours, wash the grains and the adzuki then cook it in a pot with the lid on
Cook until all the water is gone, remove it from heat and leave it in the pot with the lid on for 10 more minutes (oats take very much time to cook, it will not be ready before 40-60 minutes)

- pumpkin
- carrot
- cabbage
- garlic

cook it in a pan with a little of oil, add some water if you need.
on the side prepare a sauce with:
- tabasco
- shoyu
- olive oil
- water

mix these ingredients then add it to the pan and remove it from heat
then eat!