17 November 2010

Drawing Club

If you are in Toronto you should join the

A place where to Meet and Draw without the distractions of our homes

Every Wednesday at 6pm (starting Wednesday November 24th)
At the Toronto Zine Library located at the Tranzac, 292 Brunswick
Avenue, south of Bloor

2 October 2010

Unemployment on Róstur

Some strips were on Róstur #4 and #5, June and July 2010

16 July 2010

No Decoration zine

This is the zine I made for the 24 Hour Zine Thing
I'm not so satisfied with it but in 24 hours... this is what came out
It's 22 pages, half handwritten half comics about internet addiction, cinema, making excuses, learning how to write, doodles...

Always up for trades

29 June 2010


23 June 2010

Unemployment 2 at Crack!

You can barely see it but this is the exhibition of Unemployment 2 at the Crack Festival in Rome.
The guy in the photo is a very good artist that was exhibiting in the cell with me and helped me out a lot setting up the exhibition. I hadn't brought anything and the guy let me use all his stuff.
Thanks again!

And now you can find Unemployment 2 at Modo infoshop, via Mascarella 24/b, Bologna for 1,50€
E ora puoi trovare Unemployment 2 a Modo infoshop, via Mascarella 24/, Bologna per 1,50€

14 June 2010

The Boat

As a symbol of my leave from Iceland I left this boat in the pond of Reykjavík.
The boat was found in Kolaportið a while ago and I sticked some Icelandic flags over the norwegian flags that were painted on the wood
The plastic flowers were found during a trip in Reykjanes

1 May 2010

29 April 2010

9 April 2010

Unemployment 2 is out!

Unemployment 2 is out!

If you are in Reykjavík you can find it at
- Útúdúr-Havarí, Austurstræti 6
- Ranimosk, Laugavegur 20
for 100kr so go and buy it or read it at the Toronto Zine Library

I'm up to trade it with your zine

And: Unemployment 1 is all online

22 March 2010

potato croquette

4 small potatoes
half a onion
2 pieces of garlic
1/4 of a zucchini

spice with:
black pepper

bread crumbs
1 egg

boil the potatoes
when ready peel them and smash them in a bowl
cut all the vegetables in very small pieces (you could use a blender if you have one) and add it to the potatoes, stir well
spice everything and add salt
take a nonstick pan, put a little bit of oil and let it get hot
in a plate brake the egg and in another plate put some breadcrumbs
take a little of the mashed potatoes and make a ball then dip it in the egg and in the breadcrumbs (i guess a vegan alternative for the egg could be glutinous rice flor mixed with water)
then fry and enjoy!

21 March 2010

easiest lunch ever + shoyu pickles

Millet with Nori
Cook the millet (1 part millet 2,5 parts water) and add some nori when cooked

Fry some onion, garlic, celery, kidney beans
Add some water if needed
Spice with pepper and chili

Salad with: spinach, tomatoes, radishes and parsley
Mix a teaspoon of tahini with some apple vinegar and pour it over the salad

On the side: pickles of cucumbers, onions and radishes
Make this pickles is very easy but takes a couple of days
Boil a half a cup of water and half a cup of shoyu for 30 seconds and wait until it's cold
Cut some vegetables roots (carrots, radishes, etc.), round vegetables (onion, cabbage, etc.) or cucumbers in pieces.
Put the vegetables and the mixture of shoyu-water in a big glass and keep the vegetables from floating by having something to keep it pushed down (I use a french press).
Leave it pickling for 2-5 days then remove the vegetables and keep it in the fridge. You can use the shoyu-water mixture for cooking.

18 March 2010

2 March 2010

Yesterday's Lunch


50ml oat, 50ml brown rice, 50ml adzuki
(I use ml intead of grams because I can calculate the volume and then add the right amount of water: 2 times the volume of grains)
Soak the adzuki for at least 8 hours, wash the grains and the adzuki then cook it in a pot with the lid on
Cook until all the water is gone, remove it from heat and leave it in the pot with the lid on for 10 more minutes (oats take very much time to cook, it will not be ready before 40-60 minutes)

- pumpkin
- carrot
- cabbage
- garlic

cook it in a pan with a little of oil, add some water if you need.
on the side prepare a sauce with:
- tabasco
- shoyu
- olive oil
- water

mix these ingredients then add it to the pan and remove it from heat
then eat!

19 February 2010


Unemplyment is a 22 pages crappy comic and is now on sale at:
- Havarí Austurstræti 6, Reykjavík
- Ranimosk, Laugavegur 20, Reykjavík
For 100kr, so go and buy it
If you don't live in Iceland and you would like a copy write me harunanukui at gmail

Barley- Red Lentils - Shiitake soup


80gr barley
80gr red lentils
1 piece of celery
3 shiitake mushrooms
1 teaspoon peanut butter

Soak the shiitake mushrooms for at least 1 hour in a liter of water.
Rinse the barley and the lentils and put them in a pot with the shiitake water and a piece of kombu, bring to boil.
Cut the celery in small pieces and the shiitake in stripes, add it to the soup and cover the pot with a lid.
Add a pinch of salt and let it boil for 20 minutes or until the barley is cooked.
When the barley is cooked add a teaspoon (or more, by your taste) of peanut butter and tamari sauce.

14 February 2010

Yesterday's lunch

Soba Soup
- soba noodles
- mushrooms
- onion
- tamari
- kombu

Take a little piece of kombu and soak it in 500ml of cold water.
After 20 minutes or so bring the water to boil then add the onions.
Boil it for a couple of minutes then add the soba and the mushrooms. Add some tamari sauce to your taste.


Boiled tofu
- tofu
- shoyu
- pine nuts
- pumpkin seeds
- tahini
- oil

Scald the tofu
Cut in little pieces the pine nuts and the pumpkin seeds
Make a sauce with shoyu, oil and tahini, if you find it too dry add some water and stir well with a fork. Add the pine nuts and the pumpkin seed and pour it over the tofu.

Breakfast in Amsterdam

with cucumbers, carrots, spring onion, natto, shoyu, oil
kukicha tea
soy milk

13 February 2010

Homemade red pesto

- sun dried tomatoes
- pine nuts
- olive oil
- rucola
- gouda cheese
- a little tomato

I wanted to have some red pesto but I didn't know the recipe, so I went to the shop and checked the ingredients of an already made red pesto.
One of these had basil leaves in it; I didn't find it in my shop so I bought some rucola.
I didn't want to spend so much money buying some parmesan so I just putted some gouda cheese that I had already at home.

I don't have a mixer anymore so I just cut all the ingredients together in little pieces, I put it in a bowl and with a fork I tried to mix it as much as possible. If the pesto is too dry just add some extra virgin oil