12 December 2012

silent mud

silent mud from sterile on Vimeo.

My project from the Narrative Filmmaking course at City Lit, London Tutor Pete Gomes December 2012


After almost one year since I've taken this courses I finally managed to upload some photos. Those are some prints from the printmaking course I took last winter with Frank Connelly at Morley College, in London.


Those are from another course at Morley College, this time of wood engraving

Print from a testplate

Somehow I found myself being more drawn to the physical materials than the print itself. I preferred to see the design directly on the lino or the wood instead of on the paper.
I then started wondering if it could be some sort of ancient attraction given that my surname translates in relief (in the bas-relief meaning)

13 October 2012


After travelling through North America with the Sketchbook Project my sketchbook is back in London

At Canada Water Library until Friday 19th 2012

7 October 2012

Photo for a.


27 September 2012


14 September 2012

Marco Ugolini's Pedagogical Toy

 Sometime ago after long talks with Marco Ugolini about making a piece for his exhibition something evoled in something that evolved in something that turned into a Pedagogical Toy.

23 July 2012

29 April 2012

Places with People

  Postcards from touristy places always show monuments without people just like they would be when they were built.

Postcards are taken at times where no people are in the monuments or with extremely long exposures in order to not catch the movements of the people.

Tourism is really present in all those places so postcards should allow people to be in it.

I am really fascinated with different movements or things we say when we take photos in front of a monument and by the fact itself that we are taking a photo in front of it. Like if we would need an actual proof of our body being in that place or if not people would not believe us.
In a place I visited some spots on the floor would tell people which is the best place where to take a photo of the building so that probably everyone has the exact same photo.

In some photos the monument itself is partially not being portrayed.

27 April 2012

30 January 2012